Progress Lighting’s Firebox® series are truly lighting innovations. Many light commercial applications require drywall floor/ceiling and wall assemblies to be fire-rated. Progress Lighting is the first recessed downlighting manufacturer to introduced a product that maintains these fireratings. The Progress Firebox® series offers products that will maintain up to a two-hour fire rating when installed in many UL non-IC fire rated floor/ceiling assemblies. These products from Progress Lighting utilize our patented FlameTight® technology. There is no need for additional caulk, joint tape, gaskets or hardware. Simply make the necessary wire connections, attach to ceiling joists or walls and the product complies with all UL requirements.

One recessed housing replaces the traditional custom-built Firebox.

Simplifies the approval process for building inspectors

Reduces cost installation time and the number of required subcontractors

UL Classified for many UL fire rated ceiling and wall assemblies

Ideal for apartments assisted living and hospitality


The Firebox® series is designed to function as a standard light fixture while drastically limiting the passage of heat and flames to the next floor in the unfortunate event of a fire. This could be the difference between life and death for residents/guests in an assisted living or hospitality facility.


The old way requires a custom drywall enclosure to be built around every recessed downlight to maintain the fire rating of the ceiling

Subcontractors Required
• Carpenter
• Drywall Contractor
• Electrical Contractor
• Inspector

Electrician installs a Firebox®
just like any other conventional

Subcontractors Required
• Electrical Contractor only


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